Digital Storage Policy

As a customer courtesy, we automatically store all digital images and graphic designs on our database absolutely free of charge for future orders.

And as graphic artists, once your design work is completed our parent company, Tim's Artistic Art, LLC, retains all intellectual property rights over all designs, artwork, or logos stored on the hard drives and computer systems located in our headquarters at 109 S Jefferson St, Albany, GA 31701 and unless stated in writing per our comment/special requests section, any other customers or individuals aware of your order by name, account number, etc may purchase additional items including photo prints, tshirts, or car tags without your expressed permission.

Furthermore, for any request for personal ownership of electronic copies of logos, artwork, digital artwork, or graphic designs: we charge a $25.00 design fee for logo designs or graphic designs that may be transferred to the purchasers email address in the form of a high resolution image jpeg(300dpi), eps, pdf, or other requested electronic format copies for personal use and release all intellectual property rights.

Additionally, you may purchase physical copies in the form of high resolution photos printed on high quality Kodak paper as an 8x11 letter size at $10.00 per copy and 11x14 legal size at $15.00 per copy. We will send you an email invoice for payment, including the transfer of intellectual property rights; once the payment is processed.

Digital Sharing Policy

Our company randomly selects customer designs to share our artwork online via our website, photo galleries, on social media platforms, and future promotions. So please let us know in advance by selecting your preference next to the Digital Sharing Policy.

You must choose yes/no on the digital sharing option in the customer cart if you do not wish for your images or designs to be stored, shared or posted on facebook, or used for promotional purposes anywhere online and leave a comment/request specifically stating that you do not grant permission for any images on each order to be stored on our systems and deleted upon shipment or completion of your order.

Please, understand that this means all future orders will have to be redesigned each time and that any family members, friends, or loved ones will not be able to receive your group rate or have a reprint of your exact design.

We humbly thank you so much for trusting us with your family's most prized possession, which are the precious memories of your loved ones both living and beyond, and allowing us the opportunity to use our God-given talents to celebrate, uplift, and honor their lives and we hope that your custom product brings you years of joy & that you are comforted in knowing that their memories continue to live on in you and all the lives they touched.

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