Digital Sharing Policy

As a policy, we do not use nor will we ever use any loving memory or memorial shirt design of anyone's loved ones for the sake of promotional advertisements on any social media platform.

However, our company does randomly select from all other customer design styles (including birthdays, family reunions, graduations, etc) to share our artwork online via our website, photo galleries, on social media platforms, and future promotions. So please let us know in advance by selecting your preference next to the Digital Sharing Policy.

By selecting yes, you grant us permission to share your design(artwork) on all social media platforms or future promotions.

We humbly thank you so much for trusting us with your family's most prized possession, which are the precious memories of your loved ones both living and beyond, and allowing us the opportunity to use our God-given talents to celebrate, uplift, and honor their lives and we hope that your custom product brings you years of joy & that you are comforted in knowing that their memories continue to live on in you and all the lives they touched.

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