Loving Memory Store

Design Styles

There is no better comfort to keeping the memory of your loved one or close friend alive than proudly showing the world who they were and how much they meant to you and your family.

The Loving Memory Store was created so that we could offer our unique one-of-kind designs that allow us to do our best to bless your most precious memories for all the special occasions in your life like memorials, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, and beyond.

Please feel free to visit the left panel for a preview of all the customizable design styles and templates currently available.  We do not charge setup, graphic design, or photo-restoration fees when you select one of our custom design templates.  However, for a brand new custom design, which includes five or more pictures, there is a $20.00 setup charge.

It's so easy to order: First, select your product type (tshirt, hoodie, etc), then choose your style from the drop-down list, enter your sizes and colors and the cart will automatically adjust to your custom group rate, upload your photos and we take of the design work.  Later, we will email a proof of your design that must be reviewed and approved before going into production. 

We promise to do our best to coordinate your design with the colors of the photos uploaded.  However, we will design the shirt according to any color you request and keep you informed if the colors selected conflict with the overall visual appeal of your design.

Please feel free to visit our social media sites below to see more of our work and product reviews.  

***For all our loyal local customers, please be advised that we are currently transitioning from a storefront to an online store only and focusing the majority of our energy on expanding to serving our online customers.

We appreciate your patience with this transition and will contact you via email at: 
  • support@lovingmemorystore.com,
  • proof@lovingmemorystore.com, 
  • or our facebook page to setup an appointment for a visit to our store.